INTALES GmbH Engineering Solutions was founded 2004 in Innsbruck by highly experienced engineers from the Austrian and German aerospace industry and Innsbruck university.


As a service provider INTALES offers a full range of structure analyses for the aerospace industry from classical stress engineering to leading-edge numerical applications. Specialising in the nonlinear analysis of complex lightweight structures, INTALES explores structure performance beyond the possibilities of standard analysis strategies.

The close interaction between universities and the R&D programs of INTALES strengthens the leading position as a competent and flexible partner for industry.
According to our certification belonging to EN9100 we are obliged to be compliant with the quality request of this standard.
Grundsatzerklärung zur Qualitätspolitik

University Spin-off

As a university spin-off, INTALES is closely connected to Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck and is thus in the position to transform latest scientific and research results into industrial applications.

R & D Fields of Activity

INTALES develops high quality and innovative leading-edge solutions for the analysis of complex structures. The research and development on structure analysis methods comprise

  • Nonlinear analysis strategies
  • New finite element for investigations in the postbuckling regime
  • Post buckling behaviour of composite aircraft structures.
  • Sensitivity analysis / Random fields analysis


The performance of the INTALES R&D activities is enhanced by cooperation with university institutes, e.g. mathematics, physics, IT, civil engineering. Funding is envisaged by self-financing, supplemented by R&D budgets of leading national and international agencies and institutions.

Gateway to Industry

The results from the continuous INTALES research activities are adapted to industrial applications. The developments obtained strengthen the INTALES position to provide advanced methodologies for economical and reliable product development for the benefit of their customers.