Innsbruck, June 2, 2016This workshop continues the tradition of biannual workshops organized jointly by INTALES and the University of Innsbruck. We are pleased to host the workshop at the premises of the Faculty of Engineering Science in Innsbruck this year.The workshop focuses on the design, material properties and structural reliability of light weight structures as […]


Natters, May 15, 2014 For future aircrafts, launchers and spacecraft systems the structural lay-out must follow new rules in order to fulfil the requirements of minimum mass with maximum robustness. To reach the new targets the organizing team made already several projects with leading aerospace companies and agencies about the design of lightweight structures. The […]


Natters, May 30, 2012 The design of lightweight structures poses a challenging problem to engineers due to the increasing requirements with respect to loads and mass targets. In order to meet these objectives and to predict reliably the structural performance, enhanced numerical models are necessary. Hence, the dimensioning process necessitates the application of advanced modeling […]


Natters, June, 151st Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures Downloads

Optimization of lightweight structures

A novel approach has been developed where the optimization problem is tackled by a heuristic adaption procedure on element level. In this way it is possible to optimize large and complex structures where also several million DOFs do not lead to algorithmic limitations.

Random Fields

Parameters very spatially/temporally, like e.g. material characteristics, thickness Random Fields are a means for considering these effects in the FE model Effect on the variation of the output can be studied.

Sensitivity analysis

Consideration of uncertainties and fluctuations by using Monte-Carlo Simulation Study of the effect of individual parameters on the output Identification of important/critical parameters Deeper insight into the model Information about which parameters shall be subject to a smaller/larger test series


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